Russian restaurant

We welcome you to savour the delicacies of Russian cuisine. We serve lunch on weekdays from 11.00 to 15.00.

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Three Nevski blinis – 12.80
(also available as a vegetarian option)
Salted mushroom salad, salmon roe, smoked mackerel
Beetroot, onion, egg and pickled cucumber

Bulmenies – 11.80
Vegetable or meat dumplings, pelmenis in a bouillon
Melted parsley butter, onion and sour cream

Borcsh and Pampushki – 9.90 € / 11.80 €
Ukrainian beetroot soup,
Pampushki rolls and sour cream



Za Zdorovye – 5.90€
Russian pickled cucumbers, sour cream and honey – 5.90€
Traditional egg salad – 5.90€
Russian dressed herring – 5.90€
Fried garlic bread and Adjika sauce – 5.90€
Sprat in greaseproof paper, pickled cucumber and black bread – 5.90€
Crispy chicken wings and paprika mayonnaise – 5.90€
Olivier meat salad from overcooked fillet of pork – 5.90€
Zakuska assortment – 38.00€



Katjusa’s salmon platter – 13.10€
Salmon pastrami, warm-smoked salmon, salmon roe mousse, cold-smoked salmon, marinated red cabbage, onion and egg

Á la vodka meat platter – 11.80€
Smoked lard, smoked pork ribs, roast beef and smoked sausage, horseradish, Adjika sauce, sauerkraut and vinegary accompaniments

Harasho herring platter – 11.80€
Kipper, oil herring, onion herring, egg, potato, beetroot, sour cream, pickled red onion and pickled cucumber



Lutenitsa paprika ragout – 22.30€
Spicy paprika ragout from the Balkans, Beyonce’s vegan sausage,
Marinated red cabbage, sour cream and Pampushki bun

St Petersburg salmon – 24.80€
Salmon simmered in sour cream, pickled cucumber and melted cheese
Grilled vegetables and boiled potato

Whitefish and caviar – 28.00€
Whitefish fried in butter, mashed potato
Beetroot caviar and roe sauce

Chicken in dough – 24.60€
Country-style chicken and pear simmered under a butter dough lid
Cream, potato, leek and sauerkraut

Vorschmak – 25.00€
Traditional long-matured delicacy of lamb and beef, seasoned with garlic and anchovy
Russian pickled cucumber, sour cream, beetroot and baked potato

Russian nesting doll in Lahti for two – 28.50 € per perso
Pork shin (approx. 1.2 kg) smoked whole, with sauerkraut
Honey mustard, small pickles, marinated garlic, paprika mayonnaise, blackcurrant jam and pepperoni paprika, deep-fried potato and tomato salad

Tenderloin Ataman (for a minimum of 4 persons, only by prior arrangement 1 day in advance) – 38.00 € per person
Tenderloin of beef (medium) cooked and smoked whole
Boletus simmered in sour cream and pickle broth, garlic potatoes, baked tomato and seasoned butter


Tsar’s smoked salmon salad – 17.80€
Smoked cheese, pomegranate, egg, olive, tomato, cucumber, fresh salad and warm-smoked salmon

Imperial chicken salad – 17.50€
Roasted country-style chicken, roasted paprika, yogurt, cucumber, tomato
Fresh salad and pomegranate



Katjuša – 8.00€
House cake with rum-flavoured cherry jam

Russian blinis – 8.00€
Milk caramel and berry curd cheese

Pavlova – 8.00€
Meringue, mascarpone cheese and seasonal marinated berries

Napoleon in Russia – 8.00€
Leafy delicacy

One more for the road – dessert for dessert – 8.00€
A couple of pieces of good cheese and some jam



Keemun Kongfu-Qimen, black leaf tea, organic – 5.80€
Charming, velvety soft black tea. The organically-grown Keemun tea is a medium-strong balanced combination of flowery and sunny tastes and may even contain a hint of chocolate flavour

Sen Cha, unflavoured green tea, organic – 5.80€
Organically grown, lightly steamed needle-like green leaf tea. The taste is fresh green and softly sharp

Ginger nettle, green organic tea – 5.80€
Fresh lemony organic green tea with ginger and nettle

Black ginger leaf tea – 5.80€
Refreshing black Indian tea with ginger grits. Ginger is one of the best natural medicines

Rooibos Desert Cream, red bush tea – 5.80€
Rooibos is a decaffeinated, low-tannin and soft-bodied herbal beverage

Tea is served with honey, jam and biscuit



Coffee – 3.00€
Espresso – 2.80€
Cappuccino – 3.20€
Café Latte – 3,80€